iQIYI Releases the "Shouldering & Sharing" Strategy and Starts the iPPC Era of Network Video

2012-04-16 21:00 1221

BEIJING, April 16, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- iQIYI, a high definition video website, together with a number of excellent domestic content producers co-released the brand new iQIYI "shouldering & sharing" strategy on March 26, 2012. The producers, including CIWEN Movies, HUACEI Movies, CGPOWER Animation, Accident Production, are all well-known and highly respected video, variety, animation and micro film production institutions. This symbolizes that network video has entered into the iPPC (Internet Professional Produced Content) era.

China's network video industry recently marked five years of using the video sharing model based on the traditional UGC (User Generated Content). Since 2009, network video has relied more and more on PPC (Professional Produced Content), which not only has caused gravely homogenized competition, but has also proved unable to satisfy the abundant and multivariate needs of network customers.

The iPPC first brought up and fully advocated by iQIYI thoroughly ended the awkward situation mentioned above. iPPC(Internet Professional Produced Content) is exclusive content in the Internet age, and its source can originate from respected TV stations and film making institutions to professional production organizations, small studios, or even independent producers. The "i" in iPPC means individual, interactive and Internet. It symbolizes that the upcoming new era of video and audio is filled with individuality, interactive energy and Internet spirit.

In order to fully carry out iPPC, iQIYI started the "shouldering & sharing" plan. Geared for professional content producers, it provides powerful platform support from content-exhibition to the final business division; nurtures and promotes comprehensive, healthy development of professional productions in the Internet age; and establishes a circular network made up of customers, content producers, ad owners and video websites. During the release conference, Dr Gong Yu, CEO of iQIYI, said, "The name of the plan itself, 'shouldering & sharing,' stands for the determination of iQIYI to take responsibilities and share achievement with all its partners. As a popular video website of professional quality, the core spirit of iQIYI's 'shouldering & sharing' plan is to integrate professional content producers, provide a high quality broadcasting platform for them and finally achieve the objective of presenting more shows with high quality to iQIYI customers. Meanwhile, we guarantee the long-term interest-coexistence and sustainable development of customers, content producers, platform operators and ad owners through distinct business models, and thereupon co-promote the healthy development of network video in the iPPC age."

Yang Weidong, founder of Future Image, who also presented at the conference, said, "Professional video and image work is a trend in Internet video that won't be going away anytime soon. iQIYI's 'shouldering & sharing' plan sets a precedent for the industry, and originates explicit business models, which ensure the long-term specialized and refined development of network video works. The 'shouldering & sharing' plan will be the start of a powerful thrust towards the alternation of the whole industry chain." Yu Haiyan, vice general manager of HUACE Movies, who presented at the "Shouldering & Sharing" strategy conference, said, "Many private production organizations confront a multitude of difficulties in manufacturing and operations with the long-term limitation of the broadcasting channel. A lot of high grade content, especially content with a deeper message, is usually kept away from traditional popular broadcast channels and thus cannot reach its intended audience. iQIYI's 'shouldering & sharing' plan will completely alter the current situation, and even change the whole industry. For many private production institutions, this means great opportunities and transitions."

Wei Lili, executive vice president of CIWEN Movies, a film production institution that enjoys a fruitful long-term business relationship with iQIYI, is also quite enthusiastic about the "shouldering & sharing" plan. CIWEN's "New Version of Journey to the West" has been quite a success so far because of the plan. At the release conference, he spoke about the plan saying, "iQIYI's 'shouldering & sharing' plan definitely means a lot to the film industry. The broadcast and promotion cooperation for 'New Version of Journey to the West' has proved that there is an enormous market potential for the network platform. Now, with the introduction of the 'shouldering & sharing' plan, TV dramas are going to become a lot more diverse."

On the release conference day, the first step of the "shouldering & sharing" strategy was realized with the official launch of iQIYI's "micro film" channel. iQIYI will continue to bolster cooperation with all parties involved in this wonderful process. Tasks include opening up new channels with iQIYI and integrating multiple resources to co-promote, and share the achievements of the iPPC era with customers, content producers, ad owners, and many more.

Source: iQIYI