A Rising Dragon of the International Organic Animal Husbandry Conference

2012-09-28 22:00 1245

HAMBURG, Germany, September 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Second International Organic Animal Husbandry Conference organized by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) was held in Germany's largest port city - Hamburg on September 12. It's noted that Satine Organic Milk of the Yili Group (China) was invited to attend the Conference as the main sponsor.

Yili Group (China) was invited to attend IFOAM conference in Hamburg, Sept. 12.  (PRNewsFoto/Yili Group (China))
Yili Group (China) was invited to attend IFOAM conference in Hamburg, Sept. 12. (PRNewsFoto/Yili Group (China))

The Conference focused on the latest developments in the field of global organic animal husbandry. Nearly 100 institutions and enterprises from dozens of countries discussed the trend of organic husbandry, the latest organic livestock breeding technology, the innovation of organic pasture management system, the construction of diversified organic pasture ecosystems and a number of other issues.

At 10 AM local time, the Opening Ceremony of the Second International Organic Animal Husbandry Conference commenced under the guidance of the executive chairman Mr. Markus Arbenz. Professor Fritz Schneider from the University of Berne conducted a keynote speech, which indicated the beginning of the Conference. During the three-day Conference, there were several seminars and keynote speeches focusing on dairy farming, relationships of grazing, geography and climate, future organic livestock feeding, health and food security and etc.

Satine Organic Milk attended the conference on behalf of the Chinese organic dairy industry. The staff of Satine conducted in-depth exchanges with their international peers and displayed the achievements of today's Chinese organic dairy industry.

The head of the Satine delegation mentioned," Satine was a product launched in 2007 to be the first organic milk in the Chinese dairy market. Throughout the years, we have carefully analyzed the international organic standard and developed a complete organic milk production chain in accordance with the standard. Our organic milk is in complete conformity with the international organic standard."

The head of the Satine delegation also provided a brief introduction of their pastures and production methods. According to the introduction, the Satine Organic Milk originates from pastures with extremely favorable natural conditions including latitude levels, altitudes (over thousand meters), fertile soil and sufficient sunshine. Pasturage grown in such conditions possesses richer protein content which is beneficial to the cow's health and overall milk quality. No forms of pesticide or chemical fertilizer are applied to the area over a period of three years. This is done to ensure the pasture soil is completely natural and organic.

Pure breed Holstein cows were selected as the dairy breed for the Satine Organic Milk, and they are fed with a combination of ordinary silage and especially grown alfalfa through advanced TMR (Total Mixed Rations) technology. This method ensures both the nutritional demands and the nutritional balance of the cows' diet. Many full-time breeders are employed to handle feeding management and disease prevention so as to guarantee the cows are kept from the pollution of pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics during the feeding process. Each Holstein cow possesses individual files and sufficient space to relax, providing it with all possible conditions to produce high quality milk with high butterfat content, and rich protein contents that meets nutritional standards of international organic milk.

After being processed by the international advanced aseptic filling line, the Satine Organic Milk represents the highest level of the current Chinese organic dairy industry and its quality fully complies with the international organic standards. Due to this the Satine Organic Milk has received the recognition of the IFOAM, becoming the only Chinese dairy brand with a membership to the IFOAM.

In recent years, organic food has gained popularity in the world for its natural features and health benefits. An industry report indicates that the global market value of organic food has reached USD 100 billion in 2010 and this figure is continuing to grow at an average annual rate of over 20%. China in particular has experienced an incredible rate of 30.57%. This means that by 2015 the organic food consumption in China will reach USD 24.8-59.4 billion. The trend of the consumption of organic foods reflects the yearning of the people for the organic lifestyle advocated by Satine.

As a leading brand in the organic dairy industry, Satine not only has been committed to promoting the development of the Chinese domestic organic industry, but also seeks to gain further recognition for Chinese dairy products in the international market. According to Satine, it will further strengthen its connection with organic industry peers domestic and abroad, and to keep pace with the latest trends of the international organic development. Moreover, Satine will focus its efforts on promoting the development of the Chinese organic industry, creating a healthier organic environment to bring an increase in assurance and more high-quality organic dairy products into international market.

Source: Yili Group (China)