Centec Introduces Innovative Silicon Early Access Development Platform

SUZHOU, China, November 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Centec Networks, a leading innovator of IP/Ethernet switching silicon and advanced turnkey system solutions, today announced the Early Access Development Platform (EADP) for Centec silicon products. This patented and innovative silicon evaluation and development platform is built on Centec Silicon Functional Model (SFM) embedded in an actual hardware platform. The platform enables customers to start system design/evaluation and software integration before the actual silicon sample is available, which helps to shorten the time to market for the end product. EADP supports strong diagnosis and debug functions that can help trouble shooting and easy development to further reduce R&D cycle and efforts. Center's upcoming cost-efficient high performance switching silicon CTC5160 (GreatBelt) is available on EADP for evaluation and early development.

EADP is constructed in 2 major components: EADP Server and EADP Client. The EADP Server is a standard Ethernet switch with 48 1GE ports and 4 10GE ports, with SFM embedded. The EADP client can be either a server or target platform running Centec SDK or complete system software with Centec SDK integrated. EADP server and client are connected via a network. The software integration/development work done on EADP can be seamlessly transferred to the real product based on the actual silicon.

EADP as one of Centec's innovative customer support tools that enables equipment vendors to evaluate Centec silicon easily. Also, it provides a friendly environment for customers to do system software integration based on Centec SDK, with no dependency of the real silicon and target system. This new development model introduced by EADP enables parallel hardware and software development. Customers can start the development cycle long before the silicon sample and hardware are ready. EADP supports rich debug features to further accelerate the development process. The software simulated packets can walk through the EADP forwarding path with detailed step-by-step debug information, which can greatly help troubleshooting on real systems.

"EADP with our upcoming switching silicon CTC5160 SFM model is being widely used by our strategy partners. It helps to save at least six months for product development, which creates critical and valuable time windows for new product development," said Tao Gu, vice president of Business Development of Centec. "EADP is an innovative way for Centec to continuously improve customer experience and create value for customers. Centec is committed to providing more innovative products and superb engineering support and to creating compelling value and success, together with our customers."

About Centec Networks

Centec Networks is a technology leader providing high-speed carrier-grade IP/Ethernet switching silicon and advanced ODM/OEM system solutions. Since 2005, Centec has delivered a series of silicon and system products, covering a wide range of carrier access and aggregation markets. Centec's cutting-edge silicon products and system solutions enable telecom/network equipment vendors to build complete product portfolios with dramatically reduced development costs and rapidly improved time-to-market.

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