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BEIJING, Jan.4, 2011/PRNewswire-Asia/ -- GodswMobile SMS Transfer is a unique computer application for mobile phones involving Microsoft Windows 5 or Mobile 6 apparatus. has introduced this application for enhanced mobile operations.

GodswMobile SMS Transfer application permits users to transmit and support SMS messages involving a cell phone and a computer system. With the help of this unique computer application, you will be able to transmit SMS messages in a txt folder and can even have a printout also. This computer application will be able to support and save all your cell phone SMS messages into your computer system for future measures. GodswMobile SMS Transfer has the unique ability to see and change exported SMS messages on a computer system.

This way you will be allowed to make necessary changes as per your requirement quite easily. Customers, with help from GodswMobile SMS Transfer, will be able to copy, paste, and save all the SMS messages into a computer at any time of the day for future proceedings. This effective feature can be very advantageous for those clients who may be dealing in bulk SMS or may be involved in online business.

GodswMobile SMS Transfer delivered by Globalshareware Inc. will allow users to send SMS messages to txt file on personal computer and can even make alterations. The whole procedure can be completed within the shortest possible time if a client follows certain imperative guidelines diligently.

GodswMobile SMS Transfer will permit users to reinstate SMS messages from a personal computer to a cell phone without any technical hassles. At the same time, customers will be able to backup unrestricted SMS messages without any problems. In this way clients can save and reinstate as many number of SMS messages as they feel like without any technical limitations.

The overall speed of GodswMobile SMS Transfer is really quick as per the requirement and expectation of the typical client. Even the most lengthiest and complex SMS messages can be saved or reinstated with the mere push of a button. Customers will be able to use GodswMobile SMS Transfer without any impediments.

The wide ranging operations are very simple and straight forward to install on your personal computer. It can support even the most intricate operating modules of Microsoft Windows 5 and 6 quite easily in the most flawless manner. This specific feature is the most well liked aspect by numerous clients. It can also support WVGA screen and VGA screen quite flawlessly.

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