Latest Version of GO Browser Launched by 3G.CN

2010-05-04 20:30 709

Together with Mobile Entertainment Platform in Cooperation with Renren & Youku

BEIJING, May 4 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- On April 15th, 3G.CN, the top mobile internet portal, launched the latest version of GO browser in Beijing, which for the first time introduced directly the idea of online video into mobile browsers together with the function of micro-blogging and video games to create a mobile entertainment platform. It was launched in cooperation with six cyber world leaders like Renren, Youku and Tudou.

According to Deng Yuqiang, CEO of 3G.CN, "this new version of GO browser represents a giant leap in this era of 3G which will lead our mobile users into a brand new world of mobile entertainment which integrates videos, games and social contacts at anytime anywhere."

A Stride Over the Gap Between 2.5G and 3G

This new version of GO introduces technically for the first time the function of internet video playing, enabling mobile terminals to be incorporated into the broad base of the internet. It will be a mobile cinema with a whole new entertainment platform based on its unique integration of widget plug-in and SNS, video game and NBA.

According to Deng, the technical giant leap forward lies in the video function that attracted industrial pioneers like Youku, Tudou, 56 and Joy, which enables mobile internet users to directly watch those fantastic programs via GO browser, saving the effort to download either the software plug-in or the video itself.

The unique application of plug-ins are given full play in this new browser that helps the GO user directly share their instant messages on SNS platforms. Online pictures can be shared as well based on the partnership with Renren and Digu.

Customized UI has long been considered one remarkable feature of GO that is also highlighted in the latest version. This enables mobile users to choose whatever plug-in they need in an iPad style. It is available in two theme modes and the browser will automatically synchronize itself to the weather conditions of current locations under the weather-report mode.

GO as a Strategy: the Birth of the 3G Entertainment Platform

Deng commented that, with the upgrading GO browser, 3G.CN has redefined itself as a driving force for China's mobile internet service and content providers to lead the globe in this era of 3G centered on mobile devices.

As an emerging powerhouse in the field of mobile browsers, GO has cumulatively attracted over 15 million customers in less than a year's time. Since its launch in June 2009, it has featured 1.5 million active users per day.

In this fierce competition among mobile internet companies with unclear profits modes to be settled, GO has achieved great success in catching partners and advertisers' eyes due to its advantageous technology with its Widget plug-in function, which is highly spoken of as both a resource and a platform by industrial leaders like GE, CCB, and Anta as well as cyber tycoons like Renren, Youku, and Tudou, etc.

Gu Yongqiang, CEO of Youku, also believes that GO has pioneered the breakthrough in bridging the gap between video sites and mobile internet platforms which demonstrates huge potential for further partnership.

Chen Yizhou, CEO of China Inter Active Corp, said that wireless applications are expected to be an emerging market for SNS in the era of 3G, and that opening shall be the future trend for the development of the internet, and that they hope to see more improvement in platforms and diversification of profit mode based on cooperation with third parties.

In a joint project cooperation with traditional internet content providers as huge as this one, Deng thought it was a matching between powerful players which proved the openness and value of GO browser's platform and hence it is safe to predict the advent of a unique profit mode in the near future.

3G.CN is reported to be the largest mobile internet portal in China's domestic market as well as the top technology provider for mobile client terminals. It boasts valuable experience in the development and operation of 14 mobile software programs including GO as well as huge flow rate which appears to be attractive in cooperation with Renren and Youku.

Source: 3G.CN