Super Light Mobile Photography APP -- "Camera360 Lite"

"Camera360 Lite" made the second top of Google Play Store's free APP
2016-09-08 12:03 1070

CHENGDU, China, Sept. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- "Camera360 Lite", a new mobile photography APP, is now trending in the photography section in the Google Play Store's top free APPs. Its ranking rapidly moved up to second, many users say the APP is multi-functional and it runs smoothly with low battery consumption.

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As a product under the "Camera360" umbrella, which has over 700 million users worldwide, Camera360 Lite installation pack is only 5.2 MB, so it starts up as fast as the system camera with the most efficient power usage. Developers took into account of different brands and phone screen sizes to make Camera360 Lite compatible with mini screens as small as 320*240, to mega screens with dimensions 2560*1440.

At the same time, "Camera360 Lite" keeps its design simple. It allows users to complete their actions fast and easy on every page, keeping things nice and clean. Also, thanks to the optimization of the underlying SDK framework, it guarantees the preview of filters to be clear and are of high quality. Function-wise, it selected 13 filter packs which are voted favorites by users worldwide, including 100 filters to satisfy every photography scenario while displaying the user's creativity and unique angles.

Since its debut on the Google Play store on August 13th, it has maintained an update each week. Their goal is to continue creating a light, complete package that can work well on each device. For users who are tired of slow phone APPs, this is one worth having a try on.

In today's fast paced mobile internet world, you may find that the APPs in your phones are getting larger, taking up more space, taking longer time to start, using more battery. "Camera360 Lite", which is currently only available on the Android platform, is developed targeting these shortcomings. To download or for more information, please search "Camera360 Lite" on the Google Play store.

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Source: Camera360