VODone Announces Joint Hands with Xinhua News Agency for Olympic 2008 to Broaden Income Stream

2008-08-04 13:55 1022

HONG KONG, Aug. 4 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- VODone Limited (“VODone” or the “Company”) (SEHK code: 82.HK), online media service provider with the leasehold of complete set internet business and internet video-broadcasting licenses in China(1), announces that the agreement in relation to Olympic 2008 was signed with Xinhua Media(2) on July 31, 2008 at VODone’s headquarter in Zhongguancun, Beijing. The Chief Editor of Xinhua Media, Mr. Jing Yufeng, Chairman of VODone, Dr. Zhang Lijun and the CEO of VODone, Ms. Wang Chun were present in the signing ceremony, symbolizing the official commencement of the contents cooperation during the Olympic Games.

VODone will launch an online video theme programme, “Olympic OnlineExpress”, where the latest, fastest and the most accurate Olympic news and information will be provided by Xinhua Media. Internet users can view the Express at VODone Live during the Olympic period without any charges. In order to increase the income source, the cooperation will produce a series of VCDs and DVDs, recording Olympic Game highlights and interviews in the name of “Xinhua Media -- VODone” during post Olympic period. Both parties will fully utilize their resources to jointly promote the products and recruit advertisers for sharing the revenue.

The Chairman of VODone, Dr Zhang Lijun said, “As two media with tremendous strength in the PRC, the win-win cooperation between VODone and Xinhua will broaden income stream. It will also bring enormous branding effect and economic benefits for both parties during and post Olympic Games”.

Note 1: VODone Telemedia Co. Ltd. (SEHK: 0082): a strategic partner of

VODone Limited) is the first and leading online video media group

in the PRC. It is also the only enterprise in the PRC to own a

complete set of licenses to operate video broadcasting on the

Internet. VODone Telemedia has contracted the technical and

promotional services to VODone Group, for 50 years. VODone is a

new media which includes the internet, communication and media as

well as the first new media which operates online advertisement

broadcasting and online live show. With the perfect communication

and media operational experience and the professional team with

technical support of interviewing, editing, producing and

broadcasting, VODone has become the online video-broadcasting

platform for varies video media. Four business plates have been

formed as “VODone Portal”, “VODone BUS”, “VODone Live”, and

“VODone Wat”.

Note 2: Xinhua News Agency occupies multi channels, functions, levels and

measures for news reporting and broadcasting. It provides the

Central Authority, provinces, cities and countries with varies

news and information 24-hour a day in Chinese, English, French,

Spanish, Russian, Arabian, and Portuguese. The total number of

words is over 4 millions. At present, Xinhua has built up a huge

news and information network overseas. News agencies and news

organizations in nearly 100 countries has signed the “News

Exchange and Cooperate Agreement” with Xinhua. Xinhua Media was

set up in 1993, providing varies news and theme programme to

television stations, audio and video production subscribers.

Source: VODone Limited
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