World Premiere of Vodone Lottery Twitter Marks Vodone Limited Marching Into Lottery Twitter Market

2011-04-06 12:24 1561

BEIJING, April 4, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- On March 22, 2011, the "Press Conference of Premiere of Vodone Lottery · Lottery Twitter ( --- New Media Boosting Lottery Credibility" sponsored by Vodone Ltd. was ceremoniously held in Beijing. Present at the press conference were the leaders of China Association of Social Workers of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, National Lottery Regulatory Organization and various provincial and/or municipal lottery centers, China's famous lottery experts and scholars, such entertainment stars as Hai Qing, Huang Haibo, CCTV luminaries Zhang Lu and Huang Jianxiang, Zhang Lijun, Chairman of Board Directorate of Vodone Ltd., Wang Chun, COO of Vodone Ltd., Li Xiaohua, Executive Director/Vice President of VOdone Limited and Beijing Caishijie Information Technology Co., LTD CEO, Wang Jijun, Beijing Caishijie Information Technology Co., LTD, Internet Center for Lottery Division CEO, and other leaders, distinguished guests as well as media. The leaders, distinguished guests and vast number of lottery hunters representatives jointly launched the online releasing of the world's first lottery twitter.

Many experts and scholars of lottery industry expressed their optimistic comments on the development of lottery twitter. The sponsoring Vodone Ltd. announced Huang Jianxiang being the Endorser of Vodone Lottery. Various sports lottery and/or welfare lottery centers opened their official twitters on Vodone Lottery to establish the credibility of Vodone Lottery. Huang Jianxiang, Zhang Lu and other stars also opened their own lottery Twitters on Vodone Lottery, which attracted a lot of fans of these stars to open their Vodone Lottery Twitters at the same time.

Zhang Lijun, Chairman of Board Directorate of Vodone Ltd., addressed that Vodone Ltd. would march into China's professional and vertical twitter markets through their lottery twitter and attract lottery hunters users through their lottery twitter so as to promote their own professional development of lottery.

Since it launched lottery operations in April 2009, Vodone Ltd has made outstanding achievements. At the end of 2010, Beijing Caishijie Information Technology Co., LTD ( Chinese Football Lottery Net ( and Lottery Fortune website ( so as to win millions and millions lottery lottery hunters user groups. At this press conference, the Lottery Video Industry of Vodone Ltd, Chinese Football Lottery website and Lottery Fortune website made a "Three Websites Combined into One" to become the Vodone Lottery ( Vodone Lottery Twitter is so far the first lottery hunterss twitter in the field of vertical and professional lotteries, which has opened the new era of combining China lottery and new media. On the occasion of putting lottery twitter online, Vodone Lottery made a feedback to the vast lottery lottery hunterss to present five yuan winnings free of charge on the registration of lottery twitter, which attracts quite a lot of lottery hunterss for registration and concern.

The authoritative statistical agency revealed that the Chinese Lottery Lottery hunterss have exceeded 200 million and Chinese mobile phone users have exceeded 800 million. In such a situation, the lottery twitter, as the most convenient communication channel and the 360 degree lottery lottery hunterss entertainment circle, would be of tremendous prospect of development!

Source: Vodone Ltd.
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