Dress from the feet up: Why boilerplates are important and what elements to include in them

Photo by Camila Damásio on Unsplash

A killer headline? Check.

A newsworthy, logically crafted, grammar-free main body? Check.

So now, what’s missing? Right, the company boilerplate.

The inverted pyramid is the most effective and preferred structure in PR writing — so we are told. It might[……]

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4 Tips on How to Engage Customers & Tell a CSR Story through Press Releases

According to a Nielsen survey on Global Corporate Sustainability (CSR), “66% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for sustainable brands” and “sales of consumer goods from brands with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability have grown more than 4% globally.” With a wealth of information at their fingertips, consumers everywhere feel empowered to support organisations that are committed to promoting change in the economy, environment and society at large. In an age of immense data flows, how can brands rise above the noise to get their targeted messages noticed by an increasingly message-focused audience?

There are many ways to tell a powerful CSR story to consumers, but mass media plays a key role in raising brand awareness and reinforcing its image in the public eye.  Journalists view direct corporate messages as a trusted source of information, so companies should make sure that distributing press releases is a key part of their communication strategy. A good story angle in your press releases not only improves your brand’s image, it also ensures media pickups, boosts employee engagement and attracts more customers and investors.


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Media Q&A – Korea IT Times

PR Newswire recently sat down with Yeon Chol-woong, a journalist of 13 years and a founding member of Korea IT Times, to learn more about the type of stories the publication is interested in and tips PR professionals should note when pitching the media outlet. Yeon graduated from the University of M[……]

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5 Things to Note When Pitching Lonely Planet Asia

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“A whole new world. A new fantastic point of view.” These lyrics are apt when describing Lonely Planet Asia, a renowned magazine offering readers insights on the histories and cultures of countries across the globe, as well as stunning photography, recommendations and travel advice. The magazine’s main goal is to inspire readers to explore new destinations and look at familiar ones through fresh eyes. Its feature stories cover countries ranging from Asia-Pacific, Africa and Middle east, to Europe and the Americas.


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How to Write a Trade Show News Release that Turns Heads

These days there are an abundance of trade shows, representing different industries and focusing on different audiences. How do you ensure that your event’s news release stands out from the crowd?

While writing an event news release is a fairly routine task for communications and marketing profes[……]

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