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There’s More to the Game Than Just A Name


Foreign brands are taking off in China. It seems that anybody who has money in this growing market is clamoring to buy imported goods. This[……]

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101 Things About China – Holiday Values


With the usual cocktail of eardrum-shattering firecrackers, mass migrations, food-centric family gatherings and endless song-and-dance T[……]

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101 Things About China – #9 – Television Works

101 Things About China - PR Newswire

In China, television is king. China may be king of the printed word, and China may have the largest internet population in the world, but it is tele[……]

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Navigating the Chinese Media Landscape


The below post was originally posted on our sister site, prnewswire.com, and was contributed by house favourite, Sarah Skerik

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