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To Live and Die in Beijing: The China Expat Narrative

Stay or go

There’s an interesting debate going on among the expat community in China these days. The conversation is focused on the merits of living in this[……]

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China Trends: E-Commerce in the Middle Kingdom


When this blogger moved to China way back in 2008, online shopping was not only in its infancy, but it didn’t seem to be something that woul[……]

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The Multiple Meanings of ‘Media’


“The media”. It’s a simple term embedded with tessellations of meaning that become all the more elaborate when one expands the view to inclu[……]

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‘Made in China’ – How to Build a Better International Brand

3 suggestions for Chinese companies branding themselves in the U.S.

Chinese Brands in America

Nearly every company around the world wants their brand to be a household name.[……]

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