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Media Q&A – SWA Media Inc., Indonesia


Media Q&A is a series of interviews with media insiders about big shifts that currently reshaping their industry, so that PR and marketi[……]

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Marketing and PR: The Lines Have Blurred


For the diligent members of the marketing and PR workforce, the digital era has caused the lines between their formerly distinct roles to bl[……]

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Build a Better Press Release

Engaging readers with concise, consistent, accurate copy

There are two false presumptions that prevail when first learning to write press releases:[……]

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101 Things About China – #8 – Print Media for the Masses


As the world’s third largest advertising market, traditional media continue to play the all-important role in a burgeoning Chinese media lan[……]

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101 Things About China – #6 – How to Get Noticed Online

China - PR Newswire

With around 520 million internet users now in China, getting noticed online is obviously going to be tough, and it’s even tougher if you don’t und[……]

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