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Niphon Goodyear

  • Setting Goals for Your Next Press Release is The First Step to Getting Results

    What are your goals? What can we do to define them and what needs to be done to achieve them? Each release has its own message and its own metric for success. Based on a variety of factors we could be aiming for more visits to the company website, website visits from more regions or increased user engagement, etc. Therefore, if we treat every release the same then we won’t be optimizing our results. One example of a release written with clear goals in mind is the below release: “XDynamics…

    Asia Specials April 26, 2017
  • Content We Love – The “Magnitude” of a Press Release

    By Niphon Goodyear  The magnitude of the events that happened this year will not be forgotten for some time and so this edition of Content We Love will center on the magnitude of two stars: our Sun and Betelgeuse (參宿四), and how this can be related to press releases. Photo of the Orion Constellation with Sirius (not part of the constellation) dominating the lower left quadrant of the photo To find Betelgeuse in the night sky, one needs only to find the Orion constellation. This constellation, one of the easiest…

    Asia Specials December 7, 2016
  • Content We Love: Vivid Sydney’s glow takes over the city

    If the process of writing and submitting a quality press release were as easy as memorizing the law of sines or even the quadratic formula*, just about everyone would be a press release expert. Unfortunately, the process can be complex one fraught with difficulties, especially when the release is an important one. Luckily, PR Newswire has plenty of resources available on its website for those who would like to expedite the process. For those who want one quick tip in terms of what to do in order to possibly attain…

    Content PR & Marketing June 3, 2016
  • Content We Love: Using Infographics to Dominate the Competition like a “Terminator” at the Gym

    By Niphon Goodyear One thing that weightlifting has taught me is to NEVER just show up. When it is time to train it’s time to go 100% and for press releases and life in general, you never just want to go through the motions. Go hard or go home. You don’t want to be that guy or girl who goes to the gym and mopes around in the corner doing an occasional set of curls whenever their friends stop replying to them on WeChat. You also don’t want to be…

    Content PR & Marketing September 6, 2015
  • Content We Love: SFCE Announces Strategic Co-operation Agreement with AVIC

    Release link: Press releases that are chosen for the Content We Love blog are chosen from a number of quality candidates because they shine brighter than their counterparts. In a way, the ideas behind each press release is like “star matter” floating in a nebula somewhere in outer space. [caption id="attachment_2989" align="aligncenter" width="179"] Two Objects Dominating the Night Sky[/caption] Writing a press release is similar to how a star forms When the press release writing process begins, the writer’s thoughts become the building blocks and focus creates the “gravity”…

    Asia Specials April 24, 2015