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  • Editor’s Blog: Attract Readers with Effective Press Release Headlines

    While reading through the top 5 press releases from October on PR Newswire, one thing stood out for all 5 – effective headlines that deliver key information to attract readers. A headline gives a first impression of your press release for journalists and audiences. Within a few seconds of processing time, they decide whether to continue reading the copy or not. Therefore, a captivating headline can act as a hook to lure potential readers in. What can PR professionals do to convey the gist of the press release in a…

    Press Release Writing December 6, 2022
  • Write Powerful Product Launch Press Releases with Audience in Mind

    During a product launch, getting the message across to the target audience requires compelling product pitches and effective audience engagement. It is important to draft the message with key information that the audiences are looking for: Tell readers where and when the new product will be released Focus on benefits, not features Explain how the product fits for purpose Make the audience the key role in the launch Demonstrate the new product Include product images In September, the releases with the most clicks and pick-ups were all focused on new…

    Content PR & Marketing October 26, 2022
  • Editor’s Pick from August: Presenting Your Financial Results

    Trending in August, 5 financial results themed press releases are included in the list of top 15 most viewed press releases on PR Newswire website. Generally August is the halfway point of the earning season where the US listed companies will disclose their 2nd quarter reports. We observed a peak of 700+ earnings releases for the US region on August 4, 2022 as per Yahoo Finance. To release earning reports to investors and stakeholders, what is the main channel IR professionals use? Based on Cision’s State of Investor Relations Report,…

    Content PR & Marketing September 23, 2022
  • The 5 Most Viewed Press Releases from July: Load Up on SEO Tactics for Higher Ranking and Readership

    Lots of digital media experts will lure companies and content creators with the promise of increasing their SEO (search engine optimization). Better search engine results = more clicks = more people coming to your release = more people coming to your site = increased traffic = increased business. It makes sense why some press release writers will seek out this expertise. However, knowing some of the main components of SEO will help you craft better releases that will get more views. Important features to remember are: Structure the release with…

    Content PR & Marketing August 15, 2022
  • The 5 Most Viewed Press Releases from June: Visual Engagement via Multimedia

    Including multimedia in press releases increases potential engagement from journalists, which use the content to inform and extend their stories. Not only do photographs, videos, audio clips, infographics and illustrations help contextualize a story, they add a visual or aural dimension that also engages consumers. As outlined in Cision’s 2022 Global State of the Media Report, more than four in five journalists (81%) have recently used photos to accompany content over the past six months. Video is also popular (47%), followed closely by infographics (41%) and social media posts (39%). The…

    Content PR & Marketing July 19, 2022