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Content We Love: Lumia 930 launched in Hong Kong

Why we like it:

Releases that deal with product launches will get a lot of traction, especially when the company launching it is well-known. Microsof[……]

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Content We Love: Turning Business Decisions into CSR Practices

Everyone loves a feel-good story, and nothing elicits more sighs of “aww” than selflessness. This is why companies with corporate social responsibilit[……]

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Content We Love: Hard Rock International Commemorates Opening of First European Property With Legendary Celebration

Hard Rock Café distributed a release on June 16th that was a total hit and this is why:

Rocking an attention-grabbing headline (cue guitar riff), t[……]

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Content We Love: Using The News-cycle to Your Advantage

When breaking news happen, companies often put out press releases to comment on them. This allows them to voice their opinions, explain how it affects[……]

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Content We Love: Billionaire.com Names Dr Dre World’s Richest Hip-hop Artist, Following Beats Buyout

Why We Like it: Billionaire.com’s writers demonstrate SEO headline proficiency and provide a value added release full of facts that is newsworthy and[……]

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