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Media Q&A: Focus Malaysia

Focus Malaysia is a business weekly that publishes news and analysis on issues relating to corporate affairs, small and medium enterprises, econom[……]

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Meet the Media: Marketing Magazine

Public relations and marketing practitioners who like to catch up with the latest marketing happenings, trends, insights and ideas across the region will be pleased to read Marketing as they see the relevant, valuable and interesting content. Suffice to say, it’s on their regular reading (RR) list!

What is the Marketing magazine?

Launched in early 2002, Marketing magazine is highly circulated (with a print readership of more than 100,000) and is so far the longest running trade publication in the Asia-Pacific, reaching out to all marketing and advertising related professionals.

Marketing magazine works in concert with its online e-newsletter Marketing Daily, its portal marketing-interactive.com and many live events. The publication has three key markets – Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, and each market has fully staffed editorial operations, which gives them the reach and access to local markets that none of their competitors can match. In Hong Kong, this is even more pronounced where they have a bilingual publication and also host events in Cantonese.

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How to reach the Marketing editors and when?

Matt says phone is always the best option, he can be reached at: +852 2861 1882 / matte@marketing-interactive.com.  For Singapore, you can contact Rayana Pandey at: +65 6423 0329 / rayanap@marketing-interactive.com “We are a 24-hour news operations, so anytime is fine. We publish every day at around noon so for news, anytime before 11 works.”

Any tips when pitching a story to Marketing

“This is probably true for any type of PR pitch – take some time to understand what we do. But we are always open to pitches from PR, media, creative, marketing, social, or digital marketers and agencies”, Matt concluded.

About the Editor

SK_Logo - Matt Eaton

Matt started his career as a reporter with the Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers in Sydney more than a decade ago writing about the government, media and business for a number of leading newspaper and magazine titles. He joined the Lighthouse Independent Media in 2007 as the editor of Marketing magazine in Hong Kong and became the Group Editor in 2011, taking on a wider role to oversee the Marketing brand across all offices and editions encompassing Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and more recently the Philippines. He is highly active in the Asia wide marketing community and is a respected host of many live events across the region.


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Tips for getting your press releases picked up by UK’s Press Association journalists

Recently I came across an interesting little write-up that was shared within PR Newswire internal resource centre (which we called HUB) and think that[……]

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Paid, Posted, Delivered: What Does the Growth of Native Advertising Mean for Press Releases?

The blending of paid content into newspapers or magazines in a way that can be difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish from independently reporte[……]

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To Live and Die in Beijing: The China Expat Narrative

Stay or go

There’s an interesting debate going on among the expat community in China these days. The conversation is focused on the merits of living in this[……]

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