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  • Media Q&A: Focus Malaysia

    Focus Malaysia is a business weekly that publishes news and analysis on issues relating to corporate affairs, small and medium enterprises, economics, personal wealth and current affairs. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulation, it is now the largest circulating business magazine in its category. The magazine provides specialist coverage of companies listed on Bursa Malaysia, property news, the role of small and medium-sized businesses, and personal wealth management issues. Focus Malaysia is also a platform for the discussion of macroeconomic topics such as wealth distribution, sustainability and the impact…

    Behind The Byline September 26, 2017
  • Meet the Media: Marketing Magazine

    Public relations and marketing practitioners who like to catch up with the latest marketing happenings, trends, insights and ideas across the region will be pleased to read Marketing as they see the relevant, valuable and interesting content. Suffice to say, it’s on their regular reading (RR) list! What is the Marketing magazine? Launched in early 2002, Marketing magazine is highly circulated (with a print readership of more than 100,000) and is so far the longest running trade publication in the Asia-Pacific, reaching out to all marketing and advertising related professionals.…

    Behind The Byline October 24, 2014
  • Tips for getting your press releases picked up by UK’s Press Association journalists

    Recently I came across an interesting little write-up that was shared within PR Newswire internal resource centre (which we called HUB) and think that the article contains useful tips that would probably be of interest to many of us, especially if you have PR and corporate communications responsibilities for the UK market.  Even if you have nothing to do with this European market, the tips that are shared in the article could very well apply to your region.  Andrew Woodall who is the author of this write up is the Manager of editorial and multimedia news release teams at PR Newswire…

    Content PR & Marketing September 19, 2014
  • Paid, Posted, Delivered: What Does the Growth of Native Advertising Mean for Press Releases?

    The blending of paid content into newspapers or magazines in a way that can be difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish from independently reported stories – took a landmark step in US media this January when the New York Times greeted readers with a digital redesign and, to greater buzz, the launch of a “paid posts” feature, a variation of what is more frequently referred to as “native advertising”. While native advertising is by no means a new trend, many journalists and media watchers reacted to the Times’ move with…

    Content PR & Marketing February 14, 2014
  • To Live and Die in Beijing: The China Expat Narrative

    There’s an interesting debate going on among the expat community in China these days. The conversation is focused on the merits of living in this country and its ebb and flow is a great example of how people in small communities (there are only about 250,000 expats in Beijing & Shanghai combined) speak with themselves and how trends evolve and change as a result. Back in August of 2012, a longtime expat with a great story (and friends in the media) opined in an essay, “You’ll Never be Chinese,” that…

    China Comprehensive July 16, 2013