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Media Q&A: Mashable Asia

I recently sat down with Victoria Ho, Asia Editor at Mashable, to get her thoughts on how social media has changed the Singapore media landscape and the debate between print and digital media. Founded in 2005, Mashable is a popular digital media company focusing on technology, social media and viral content, as well as news and developments around the world. Launched in September last year, Mashable Asia has 45 million unique visitors per month and 3,394 social followers on Twitter and Facebook.


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Content We Love: Be a Solution for Your Audience in B2B Marketing

B2B marketing isn’t always understood, in fact sometimes not even amongst marketers themselves. As such, only 51% of marketing leaders found their eff[……]

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Content We Love: Lumia 930 launched in Hong Kong

Why we like it:

Releases that deal with product launches will get a lot of traction, especially when the company launching it is well-known. Microsof[……]

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A Visual Today Keeps the Patients Awake: The Top 3 Changes in Digital Healthcare Communications

The healthcare industry in Asia is predicted to reach USD 2.21 trillion in 2018. Given the potential and the stakes involved, marketers need to pay cl[……]

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Content We Love: Turning Business Decisions into CSR Practices

Everyone loves a feel-good story, and nothing elicits more sighs of “aww” than selflessness. This is why companies with corporate social responsibilit[……]

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