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  • Writing Press Releases in Times of Crisis

      Five months on, COVID-19 remains a much talked about topic in the news cycle. PR Newswire has received hundreds of pandemic-related press releases from brands across APAC. during this period. Like the developing situation, the key topics in press releases are evolving as the crisis move from the prevention, damage control to the recovery phases.  These topics have shifted from corporate social responsibility initiatives, the influx of e-commerce and remote working products to recovery plans, and safe and hygienic re-opening measures. Recently, PR Newswire’s Senior Editor Nathan Brown conducted an…

    Content PR & Marketing June 24, 2020
  • A Quick Look at International Copyright Laws and How they Apply to your Press Releases

    Is it possible that your press release could be criminal? If it ignores copyright laws, it is. Copyright law applies across international borders and we share how it can affect press releases and PR to avoid falling prey to the trap of stealing when all you might want to do is to borrow. Copyright is the protection of intellectual property. If someone or business holds the copyright of any intellectual property, others who use that intellectual property in certain capacities must get permission to do so. Some countries’ copyright laws…

    Asia Specials August 6, 2019
  • Four Steps to Writing a News Release that Converts

    Generating and distributing your brand’s vital news is an important part of how you stay relevant in the minds of the media and your wider customer base. But a news release can do so much more than simply tell someone about your company. Here are the four key elements to write a news release that converts: The news announcement Multimedia attachments High-quality links And social media 1. Announcement The purpose of your news release is to remind the media, your clients and other businesses why your company is relevant. The news announcement should…

    Content PR & Marketing March 12, 2018
  • Dress from the feet up: Why boilerplates are important and what elements to include in them

    Photo by Camila Damásio on Unsplash A killer headline? Check. A newsworthy, logically crafted, grammar-free main body? Check. So now, what’s missing? Right, the company boilerplate. The inverted pyramid is the most effective and preferred structure in PR writing — so we are told. It might leave people with an impression that what is placed at the bottom of a press release is the most trivial. They might even want to do away with boilerplates entirely as most people believe shorter content is better content due to supposedly being easier to understand and…

    Content PR & Marketing July 21, 2017
  • Meet the Media: Telset Magazine

    Indonesia is now the 4th largest mobile market in Asia Pacific behind China, India, and Japan, according to GSMA, the global trade group for mobile operators—Asia Pacific itself accounts for around half of the world’s mobile subscriber base. Since its founding in 2000, Telset magazine has covered telco and tech news in Indonesian. About Telset Magazine:  Launched at the outset of coming boom in mobile network, Telset has witnessed big shifts in the country’s tech industry. Now, it has an online edition,, which covers fast-paced news and development that…

    Behind The Byline January 21, 2015