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5 Things to Note When Pitching Lonely Planet Asia

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“A whole new world. A new fantastic point of view.” These lyrics are apt when describing Lonely Planet Asia, a renowned magazine offering readers insights on the histories and cultures of countries across the globe, as well as stunning photography, recommendations and travel advice. The magazine’s main goal is to inspire readers to explore new destinations and look at familiar ones through fresh eyes. Its feature stories cover countries ranging from Asia-Pacific, Africa and Middle east, to Europe and the Americas.


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Media Q&A: Bloomberg News (Singapore Bureau)

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“What is a typical day like at Bloomberg News?” one might ask. According to Singapore Bureau Chief Stephanie Phang, every day is different. The team of editors, reporters and analysts she oversees have their hands full with covering a broad spectrum of news – energy and commodities, economy, government, stocks, bonds, FX, banks, real estate, treasuries and the regional bond markets. They also conduct interviews and write insightful analyses on financial markets.

As bureau chief, Phang is responsible for operations within the regional hub, overseeing more than 70 staff members and ensuring that they are reporting the Singapore story in a meaningful way that is valuable to their readers.

“I make sure we are all over the breaking news, help to headline and edit stories, and support reporters and editors to produce cool enterprise. When needed, I provide the check and balance on stories that we produce here on Singapore. I also identify talent, nurture and retain them, and try to make sure the people in the bureau are happy and well,” she added.

Founded in 1990, Bloomberg News grew rapidly over the years from a team of six to 2,600 journalists and analysts in over 120 countries. The industry leader in financial news has evolved based on the needs of its readers by broadening the way it delivers news both on the Bloomberg terminal and the website, and through platforms such as magazines, TV and radio.


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A is for Authenticity: Global Study from Cohn & Wolfe Defines Authenticity in the Eyes of Consumers and Reveals the 100 Most Authentic Brands

Reading about Volkswagen’s emissions scandal last year was like witnessing a chandelier fall and shatter all over the floor. The German carmaker who earned its global reputation for its engineering excellence and reliability was found to be cheating on emissions tests by installing software that could make their cars look cleaner, while they were actually emitting between ten to forty times the legal limit of the major atmospheric pollutant nitrogen oxide. That is a real crash.

When I got to this press release Global Study from Cohn & Wolfe Defines Authenticity in the Eyes of Consumers and Reveals the 100 Most Authentic Brands, published in April by global communications agency Cohn & Wolfe, I could not help but look for Volkswagen’s place in the chart.

(Source: Quotefancy.com)


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15 Best Storytelling Visuals of 2015 [SlideShare]


Image courtesy of Morgan Sessions | Unsplash.

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Content We Love: Mundipharma’s Innovative Use of Gaming Shines Light on Cancer Awareness

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Happiness is when you are drowning in a sea of press [……]

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