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The secret of marketing?

An Interview with Ben Veechai  (Regional Director, International Marketing, UBM Asia)

As marketers, we strive to learn more all the time – le[……]

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Forbes: PR Newswire ranked #1

The below article was originally published by Bradley Smith on the “Building Shareholder Confidence” blog on 28 Aug 2013. Even if you’re not working f[……]

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13 Tactics for PR to Influence SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is gaining increasing importance for PR professionals and those who seek to maximize a brand’s online visibility. Bes[……]

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How to Optimize your Press Release for Google


Imagine Google as a beautiful girl. You want to win her heart, so you shower her with attention and ply her with gifts in hopes that she wil[……]

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Build a Better Press Release

Engaging readers with concise, consistent, accurate copy

There are two false presumptions that prevail when first learning to write press releases:[……]

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