#Infographic of the Week: 8 Tips for Telling Your Company’s Story


So my search for infographics continues, and while I’m taking a break from content marketing this week, I am visiting my old friend, storytelling. I love the whole concept of storytelling. Stories are what dreams are made of, and just like I remember sitting glued to the TV when Jackanory came on, you too can win over your audience if you know who they are and what they aspire to achieve.

With that in mind, my #Infographic of the Week is all about telling your company’s story, and how to get started. The eight points within the infographic offer simple, but effective tips on how you can become a corporate storyteller. By doing such, not only can you achieve your goals, but your stakeholders can also achieve theirs.

However, while all the points make sense, it was actually point six that stood out the most for me. I’ve been with PR Newswire now for nine years and nine months, and in that time PR Newswire has definitely changed. In fact, one of the most important stories we tell here at PR Newswire is about exactly how much we’ve changed and the reasons why. When I joined we were a newswire service that distributed press releases. There were a few other things, but as an editor, my job was simple. Over the years, this has changed; not because I’ve been promoted, but because PR Newswire is now so much more than a newswire service. I could talk for hours about these changes and how they’ve helped us become a bigger and better company, but I can honestly say that these changes have also helped our clients achieve their goals, which is just as much the point of it all. It’s been quite a ride, and as I look forward to my 10-year anniversary, I can look back with pride at what stories I have to tell, but I can also look forward with excitement about the stories that are still to be written.

So, without further ado, please enjoy my #Infographic of the Week.

Tips for Corporate Storytelling Infographic - PR Newswire

And…kudos to Ann Handley at Marketing Profs, and Veronica Maria Jarski, for putting this together.


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