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Junxun Tan

  • Three Pillars of Press Releases that Attract Journalists

    I work at PR Newswire where I read news releases daily and see how brands curate their newsworthy content for delivery to thousands of journalists. At breakfast earlier this week, a friend asked for examples where brand-related social media postings were noticed and covered by journalists. My reply was that there were a few isolated examples I could recall where a social media posting went viral and covered by well-known publications. Of course, his next question was, “Why?”. Surveys have shown that getting journalists are typically sceptical of social media…

    Content PR & Marketing February 27, 2019
  • Three Tips for CES Success

    Kandao Obsidian Camera, CES Innovation Award Winner 2017 Introduction The Consumer Electronics Show or CES is the world’s largest annual gathering in the consumer electronics industry. There are two CES events in 2019 – CES, 8 to 11 Jan (Las Vegas) and CES Asia, 11 to 13 Jun (Shanghai). For the upcoming CES event in Jan 2019, an estimated 190,000 people will arrive in Las Vegas, USA, to seek, shop for and promote the hottest new consumer electronics products at CES. There are going to be around 4,500 exhibiting companies…

    Content PR & Marketing January 4, 2019