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  • Journalists Share How COVID-19 is Affecting Media Coverage in South Korea

    South Korea was one of the worst-hit countries in the early stages of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak outside China. Fortunately, the virus spread is now largely under control, thanks to effective government measures such as providing timely and transparent updates to the public, the use of self-diagnosis smartphone apps and swift implementation of a large-scale screening regime. Like many other countries, South Korea’s battle against COVID-19 has affected a wide range of industries, including communications and media. PR Newswire has been closely monitoring how South Korea media has been impacted…

    Media Relations April 8, 2020
  • The Benefits – and Avoidable Pitfalls – of Humor in Asia-Pacific Corporate Communications

      Corporate communications that incorporate humor should target to make their message more memorable by bringing a smile to audiences while avoiding being too forced. Humor helps content stand out to audiences that are spoilt for choice, with 70 million new WordPress blog posts alone appearing each month.   When incorporating humor into corporate communications, care needs to be exercised. Humor should not be interpreted as lacking tact, professionalism or cultural sensitivity. Cultural sensitivity is especially important in the Asia-Pacific context as communications campaigns span across different languages and cultures.…

    Content PR & Marketing January 21, 2020
  • Interview with an Online Beauty Editor: How to Engage Young, Female and Digital-first Audiences

      Meet Briana Ng, Beauty Editor at Presslogic GirlStyle, a new online beauty platform based in Hong Kong targeting young girls. And yes, her job description is all you would imagine and more! She is constantly invited to many events organized by brands to collect information to write posts based on her first-hand experiences and accumulated know-how for Presslogic GirlStyle’s over 6,000,000 readers.   Despite the perceived glamour of this industry, Briana puts in a lot of hard work to write posts about skincare and makeup while getting involved with…

    Behind The Byline December 10, 2019
  • Indonesia Media Landscape Highlights 2019: How to reach out to both Digital and Traditional Media

    Indonesia’s media landscape has become increasingly digital and mobile but traditional media still plays an important role. The Nielsen Consumer & Media View survey 2018 indicates that Indonesians who read news daily on print media stand at 42 percent of this segment. As fake news proliferates, readers are shifting to print media as trusted news sources. Print media focusing on business news, such as Kontan and Bisnis Indonesia, have reported a growth in their subscriber base. Therefore, it is important for communications campaigns to cater to both digital and traditional media.…

    Asia Specials October 9, 2019
  • Malaysia Media Landscape Highlights 2019: Shifting towards Multilingual & Digital Content

    To help businesses optimize their Malaysian communications campaigns, PR Newswire’s Malaysian Audience Development (AD) team discusses two important media trends: (1) Multilingual publications becoming more common and (2) an ongoing shift from print to digital and social media. In the second part of this article, we share additional interview insights from two senior Malaysian digital media professionals. Going multilingual to gain readership Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multilingual melting pot of over 31 million people. Traditionally, media in Malaysia was segmented into various languages such as English, Chinese and…

    Asia Specials September 24, 2019