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Insights & Monitoring

  • Be Brief!

      If content is king, then a consumer’s attention span is his fickle, cruel mistress. The always entertaining Farhad Manjoo over at Slate recently explored just how much content is actually consumed by visitors to their website every day, and the results are startling. Here are the big highlights of what they found (because we don’t want you leaving before getting to the good stuff): 5% of visitors to a web page will not look at anything other than a headline or photo. 43% of visitors will leave after reading…

    Content PR & Marketing June 21, 2013
  • #Infographic of the Week: Six Principles of the Social-Powered Enterprise

      The latest #Infographic of the Week comes from the clever folks at The message here is pretty clear, and it’s one that companies need to hear if they intend to have a successful online communications strategy. You can no longer rely purely on the old method of doing things. Press releases still rock, of course, but communicators also need to see the light and look for new ways to communicate, listen, measure and engage, as they look to build stronger relationships with customers. If you haven’t already, start…

    Insights & Monitoring April 13, 2012