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CES 2021: 5 Tips on Getting Media Coverage at Virtual Tech Events

PR Newswire CES 2021 Media Pitching Tips

The Consumer Electronics Show, or more popularly known as CES, will go all-digital for the first time this year, given the COVID-19-related movement restrictions. This transition changes the ballgame on how PR pros can reach out and pitch to tech journalists, who cover one of the most influential tech events in the world. CES 2021, which takes place from 11 to 14 Jan, will feature product unveilings, demos and keynote presentations by more than 1,000 expected exhibitors. Gary Shapiro, CEO of CES’s organizer, Consumer Technology Association shared that many international media and visitors will participate in the event for the first time. The event is expected to attract 150,000 online visitors.

CES 2021: 5 Tips on Getting Media Coverage at Virtual Tech Events

Instead of checking out the booths and attending physical events, journalists will be attending virtual events and showcases and reporting remotely.  We get media pitching tips from Jason Hiner, Editorial Director of tech news website CNET, who spoke at an on-demand PR Newswire webinar, Planning, Pitching and Placements: Paving the Way to Virtual Success.

CES 2021: 5 Tips on Getting Media Coverage at Virtual Tech Events

1. Prepare for virtual media interviews

Journalists, especially those from the broadcast media, would be keen to do virtual one-on-one interview opportunities with media-trained company leaders. They prefer to speak to brand spokespersons that can share insights on product development – engineers or product leaders.

Some key interview questions include:  What went into making the product, what problems does it solve, and what’s an interesting story about the product? Exclusive angles and insights are always preferred so that the media can present deeper storytelling and add value to their audience’s knowledge of the event.

The scheduled interview time with the media will be tight – prepare the optimum video framing and lighting conditions so that more time can be spent on talking about the company and products.


2. Ship products ahead of time

Without a physical event this year, journalists do not have the opportunity to “walk the ground” at CES and have less hands-on time with the products. As a result, receiving the products well ahead of the show becomes more important this year. This gives the journalists more time to decide whether they want to include products in their video shows or live streams during CES.


CES 2021: 5 Tips on Getting Media Coverage at Virtual Tech Events
LG has a customised site to share media materials on CES 2021. (Photo: LG)

3. Having high-quality media assets ready

As journalists will be covering CES remotely this year, it is vital to do the groundwork and make available media assets such as broadcast-quality b-roll videos, product images and presentation decks on the products that your brand will be promoting. For example, LG has created a customised CES site that hosts virtual showrooms and press conference centres.


4. Prepare pre-event media briefs as early as possible

The earlier the media receives information about the products, the more time they can plan how to allocate their resources on their media coverage. It can either be planning a video or a more substantial editorial package. Also, provide information and exclusive angles on embargo and set up interviews beforehand. An important date to take note of is CES’ Media Day, which is set aside for press conferences on the latest breaking news, product launches and technology trends from the world’s leading tech brands.


 5. Have at least one new product aspect to share

Always have something new or newsworthy to share. Don’t rehash something that was announced a few months ago. Always have at least one new product feature to talk about – be it a software update or new capabilities.

In the lead-up to CES 2021, brands and organizations have been issuing press releases on new product offerings or improved features. Korean technology giant LG will launch its transparent OLED display products, cordless stick vacuum and InstaView refrigerators with voice recognition technology, while Hong Kong-listed TCL Electronics will unveil mini-LED and future display technologies.


CES 2021: 5 Tips on Getting Media Coverage at Virtual Tech Events

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This article is written by Kenneth Goh, Senior Marketing Executive at PR Newswire. A former journalist, he relishes keeping track of breaking news as much as telling stories with trends and data. Connect with him via Linkedin.