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  • Content we love is quality content: This is why it matters

      A quality company does not just have quality products, or quality marketing, or quality press releases; the best companies have quality everything On July 5 at around 19:00 Beijing time, PRNA editorial received a press release from Shenzhen-based UAV manufacturer DJI headlined ‘DJI Go App Now Includes GEO Geofencing System’. I confess that, being something of a Luddite, I had little to no idea what that meant until I read it, and had it not been for what happened later I would probably have just checked it, processed it,…

    Content PR & Marketing July 25, 2016
  • Why SK-II is Well-Loved by Women Globally

    I recently attended the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit in Singapore, where more than 20 keynote speakers shared their insights on content creation for the new digital age. I had a fruitful session at the summit, with speakers from Skyscanner, Mashable Asia and Marina Bay Sands, etc. sharing with us their successful content and media strategies. Content is appearing everywhere in your email inbox, social media pages and even your old-school letter box, vying for your 10-second worth of attention. So what makes a good content? As I was going through…

    Content PR & Marketing July 21, 2016
  • Startup PR 101: How to Write a Funding-Related Press Release

    “Startup XYZ Raises $10 Million in Series A Funding for a Commercial Project.” “FinTech Startup ABC Closes $2 Million in Series B Funding.” These are some common headlines we see in press releases from startups who received massive funding from investors. Distributing press releases of such nature is important to new startups because It is one of the most cost-effective communication methods; It creates brand awareness, recognition and confidence among target audience as well as potential investors; It helps attract talent to work for you. So what should you look…

    Content PR & Marketing July 11, 2016
  • The Earned Media Opportunity

    PR Newswire recently called on Outsell, a research and advisory firm that focuses on the rapid convergence of information, media and technology to conduct an independent research with CMOs and other key marketing decision-makers in the United States on their use of earned media and how earned media plays into paid, owned, and earned aspects of marketing.  The research revealed that the rise of earned media is eroding the growth of paid media.  Although Asia Pacific market was not represented in the research, the findings should be of interest and may…

    Content PR & Marketing July 4, 2016
  • Content We Love: Vivid Sydney’s glow takes over the city

    If the process of writing and submitting a quality press release were as easy as memorizing the law of sines or even the quadratic formula*, just about everyone would be a press release expert. Unfortunately, the process can be complex one fraught with difficulties, especially when the release is an important one. Luckily, PR Newswire has plenty of resources available on its website for those who would like to expedite the process. For those who want one quick tip in terms of what to do in order to possibly attain…

    Content PR & Marketing June 3, 2016