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  • Media Q&A: Bloomberg News (Singapore Bureau)

    “What is a typical day like at Bloomberg News?” one might ask. According to Singapore Bureau Chief Stephanie Phang, every day is different. The team of editors, reporters and analysts she oversees have their hands full with covering a broad spectrum of news – energy and commodities, economy, government, stocks, bonds, FX, banks, real estate, treasuries and the regional bond markets. They also conduct interviews and write insightful analyses on financial markets. As bureau chief, Phang is responsible for operations within the regional hub, overseeing more than 70 staff members…

    Behind The Byline August 3, 2016
  • Media Q&A – PanaJournal, Indonesia

    Media Q&A is a series of interviews with media insiders about big shifts that currently reshaping their industry, so that PR and marketing people can better understand and engage them. Her stint in the local edition of Fortune magazine earned her the 2011 Anugerah Adiwarta, one the prestigious journalism award in Indonesia. But when she isn’t drafting articles, Andina Dwifatma devotes her times to looking closely at today’s ever-changing media landscape. She’s passionately curious about the powerful force of new media which disrupting journalism. In fact, she cofounded PanaJournal last…

    Behind The Byline October 21, 2015
  • The Case of Moleskines: Old-School is Still In

    The below article was written by Celine Wu, the Audience Development Executive for PR Newswire. ———————————————————————————————– With the advent of online notebooks and word processors amongst various other digital solutions, one wonders if old-school traditions remain relevant in The Internet of Everything era. Surprisingly, the answer is yes. The consistent double-digit sale growth of the Moleskine proves the relevancy of traditional tools. Their success lies at the core of their brand; the Moleskine has evolved. The analog now has a digital strategy that has aided its exponential growth, such as…

    Content PR & Marketing August 14, 2015
  • Chevy’s emoji press release: thumbs up or unamused?

    Who says press releases are old-fashioned and boring? On June 22, Chevrolet published the first-ever emoji-only press release to introduce the new Chevy Cruze. “Words alone can’t describe the new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze,” the company explained, “so to celebrate its upcoming reveal, the media advisory is being issued in emoji, the small emotionally expressive digital images and icons in electronic communication.” Different. Isn’t it? As a 24-year-old millennial who considers herself as quite emoji-literate, I’ve taken the liberty of decoding the first section before I looked at the official translation…

    Content PR & Marketing July 27, 2015
  • Unilever Shares Practices in Social Communication

    “Weibo is media, while WeChat is social”. This was the main point stressed by Wu Liang, director of corporate communication and sustainable development at Unilever North Asia, during a discussion on the topic of corporate social communication at the recent PR Newswire Summit. As a large B2C company that has been in existence for nearly a century, Unilever has, in recent years, done its share of experimenting in how to best use social platforms to disseminate news about the brand. The company implemented differentiated communication strategies for Weibo and WeChat…

    China Comprehensive December 24, 2014