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  • Navigating the Chinese Media Landscape

      The below post was originally posted on our sister site,, and was contributed by house favourite, Sarah Skerik [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="437" caption="Click Image to View Presentation"][/caption] Attendees of this year’s IABC World Conference in Chicago got a rare treat when Yujie Chen, managing director of PR Newswire in China – made the trip from Beijing to address the group.  Yujie offered an insider’s view of Chinese media, and offered advice for Western companies seeking to establish business presences in China, and the communicators who support those efforts. The…

    China Comprehensive June 29, 2012
  • ‘Made in China’ – How to Build a Better International Brand

    3 suggestions for Chinese companies branding themselves in the U.S. Nearly every company around the world wants their brand to be a household name. They want consumers to use their brand name as a verb – “Google it,” “Skype your friends,” etc. However, getting these types of results takes time – and effective brand management. It should come as no surprise that American consumers tend to be a bit weary when buying products coming from China. Since the 1980’s, China’s decision to use the Wenzhou Model has allowed the majority…

    Online Influence June 28, 2012
  • 101 Things About China – #5 – “Titanic” Censorship

    I’m sure many people are aware of the level of censorship that occurs in China. This was amusingly highlighted recently by the re-launch of James Cameron’s Titanic in 3D. Having cut Kate Winslet’s nude scene for quite comical reasons, I thought I would look at how censorship affects your attempts to communicate with consumers, the media and other stakeholders within China.  Generally speaking, censorship in China doesn’t have to have an impact on your marketing and communications strategies, but you should be mindful of it. Therefore, I am going to…

    China Comprehensive April 20, 2012
  • #Infographic of the Week: Six Principles of the Social-Powered Enterprise

      The latest #Infographic of the Week comes from the clever folks at The message here is pretty clear, and it’s one that companies need to hear if they intend to have a successful online communications strategy. You can no longer rely purely on the old method of doing things. Press releases still rock, of course, but communicators also need to see the light and look for new ways to communicate, listen, measure and engage, as they look to build stronger relationships with customers. If you haven’t already, start…

    Insights & Monitoring April 13, 2012